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Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks for Data Import

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  • Matthew Fulton (ParkwayInc)

    ParkwayInc5 days ago
    Great video guys!

    I found the best way to maintain a consistent demo account is to create a second QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Account. By far this is the best way to setup a test company for a couple reasons:

    1: If you use your “my books” file, you have the ability to overwrite the file as often as you want without the 60 day limitation.
    2: While doing testing this file will react the exact same way with the same features as a regular file
    (The Intuit Developer Account has limitations)
    3: You can stage the file with your company information so that people can see your contact information during your videos
    4: You do not have to worry about showing something you shouldn’t by accident.

    Check out CDATA, ( personally it is my favorite tool to move data around. They have an annual subscription for $299.00 but that gets you access to 60+ programs including QBO and QBD.

    Skyvia ( is another great data tool that can move info in & out of QuickBooks Online to Google Sheets or Excel CSV. They have a free version and a paid version


    I am going to send you an email with a video. Like you I have been playing with Excel, more specifically Excel VBA and have developed my own sheet that helps me quickly process transaction information. Last week, I processed 1.5 years of transactions ( about 1350 transactions) in a little under 3 hours. I would like to share a couple tips that may help speed up your process ( like grabbing the data from Ledgersync so it is all formatted the same immediately).


    I need some talented people that are still QuickBooks Desktop to help me beta test my app. Vendorsync will help you get all your transactions into QuickBooks Desktop just as fast as. I will reach out to you soon and see if you have some free time to check it out.


    I just wanted to thank you for your google chats also, I watch them just about every week!

    Thanks again for the great video!

    Matthew Fulton