Lesson 30 – Processing and Uploading Your Videos

So you’re all done.

You wrote your outline.

You wrote your blog post.

You’ve recorded and edited your video.

Now it’s time to click “Share” and produce that video, but wait!


I always choose custom production. This allows maximum control over the settings.


There are all kinds of settings.


My philosophy is to produce with maximum video and audio quality. It makes for a large file size, but who cares. Storage is cheap and quality is important.


About three steps in, you’ll see a “Video Settings” tab.

Stop here.

Your default encoding mode will show “Quality”

Change that to “Bitrate.”

Then drag the slider as far to the right as you can.


Next move on to Audio settings, and set the drop down to the maximum, 1,024.


As always the video will walk you through the above in a visual way.


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