Lesson 29 – Editing Your Camtasia Video

Before you edit!
Time to get organized

If you’ve just recorded your video, then you are sitting in front of your computer with the video you just recorded sitting in the Camtasia edit bay. It might look something like this:

Where are you saving the video files?

You cannot work in a shared service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Your video will not render, or it won’t render properly.

This has to be in a local folder. You can move it over to your favorite file management service afterwards, and I recommend that you unsync it. These files can be quite large, and they will take up a lot of space on your hard drive.

Get everything in there. That photo above, is in my “Video WIP” folder with the rest of the files and everything I need that goes with this blog post.

I took that photo with my phone, save it to Google Drive, then moved it to the Videos WIP folder, before I inserted it into the document.

The video file that you created when you recorded your screen with Camtasia, by default goes to the standard Camtasia recordings folder.

Documents > Camtasia Studio

You may want to copy that file over to your Videos WIP folder, so that you truly have everything in one place. Do that before you save your camtasia project, otherwise Camtasia won’t be able to find the link to the .trec file.

Once you have everything in place, file wise, you can start to edit.

That’s what the video here is all about.

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