Lesson 28 – Online Video with Camtasia

Camtasia is without a doubt the best program out there for recording your screen and editing your video afterwards.

You don’t have to show your face. I only bring this up, because I know some of you are going to be shy about getting in front of the camera. That’s ok.

All you need is a well branded intro, and your knowledge.

By now you should have a blog post written. Which means you should be ready to rock that video.

Go back to your original outline (from before you wrote your content).

Here’s mine:

  • Overview of the navigation from the home screen
    • The left Nav
    • Gear icon
    • Quick Create (Plus Sign)
  • Lists
    • Sales / Customers / Products & Services
    • Expenses / Vendors
    • Accounting / Chart of Accounts
  • Basic Transactions
    • Deposit
    • Expense / Check

Those are your video notes.

It will make your life a lot easier if you have two monitors here.

Have your outline up on one screen, and QuickBooks Online (or whatever you are about to demo) on the other.

This is important, because as experts in our field, who love our topic, we will tend to embellish. The outline is there to help make sure you don’t. You will lose your audience if you go on tangents. Besides those tangents are other videos you can do. The more the better

Stay on point.

Remember to avoid using technical terms, or if you do, be prepared to explain them in simple terms. Use comparisons to everyday things, so your audience can relate to your message in terms that are familiar.

Plan on doing a few takes, especially if you’re new to this. I used to delete the first take as a rule. Even if I thought it sounded perfect, I scrapped it. The thinking is that after going through it once, my thoughts are now better organized. The second take is almost always better than the first.

Plan ahead. Look at the outline.

Do you need any tabs open other than QuickBooks Online?

Maybe a Google Sheet with some T-Accounts to explain the transactions?

Make sure everything you need while you are recording is open, on the correct screen, and ready to go. A distraction based on something you weren’t prepared for can completely derail you.

When you are ready, press the record button on Camtasia (make sure it is configured to record the right screen).

Now the most important thing…

Have fun!

If you’re having fun while you record your video, that will come across, and it will be much more fun for your listeners. If you sound bored, imagine how your audience will be!

Remember that it IS exciting. What you are teaching people in your video is going to make their lives much easier, and THAT’s exciting.

So get excited, and bang that record button.

If you need to, record your video in short bursts. This might help you stay focused, and it will help you be less nervous.

Once you’ve recorded your video make sure you save it right away, in a folder where you can find it easily.

Do not save your working files in a shared service like Dropbox. When you render your video later, it may not come out. I’ve made this mistake, so you don’t have to 🙂

In the next lesson we’ll edit the video.


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