Lesson 20 – ShareFile Security (Free Lesson)

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A lot of people I talk to are saying they are in the cloud. Some have even won awards for being a “Firm of the Future” but they’re still using desktop software? I can honestly say I am truly 100% in the cloud. I don’t use desktop services. They are too inefficient for what I can do with my pure, cloud based apps.

G Suite, for example, and particularly Google Docs, allows me to function with so much better efficiency. This morning I took a screen shot of something, saved it to Google Drive, so I could open it in Snagit, edit it, and send it off to someone.

My client shared a Google Doc with me this morning. It has a list of questions for me to answer. I’ll answer them on the same live document, and we’ll never need to send another e-mail back and forth. If I want to remember to follow up on this, then I get the document’s URL and paste it into a task in ActiveCollab, where I will set the due date and time for when I will do it. When that time comes, I will not need to go looking for the document. I will click the link and be right there!

If my client had sent me a Word Document, I would have to upload it as an attachment to the task in ActiveCollab. Then on the due date, I would need to download it again, edit it, and then re-upload it to ActiveCollab,and I’d still need to attach it in an e-mail, or put it in a shared service. Heck I could put the Word Document in a Google Drive folder, and share that folder with my client. Look at all of those extra steps!

When it comes to document storage, you must keep all of your files in some kind of shared document service. I am a big fan of Google Drive, because I can store all document types in there, and I can easily convert back and forth between the office doc, and comparable Google Doc format.

I also love ShareFile. The main reason I love ShareFile is that it has capabilities that none of the others have, especially when it comes to retrieving files from clients. ShareFile is the ONLY one that makes it easy to generate a link, that you can send someone, where it will allow them to do one thing, and one thing only – upload a file to you. They can’t see anything else in that folder. Not even the files they’ve already uploaded. Unless you choose to share the folder with them. There are other reasons I really love ShareFile. In many cases I’ll use ShareFile to retrieve documents from clients, and then move them over to Google Drive, for more permanent storage. ShareFile also lets you choose which files and folders are synced to your computer locally. This allows you to lighten the load on your hard drive, by not syncing everything. Unfortunately Google Drive does not offer this option. Yet.

ShareFile also has very good security. It has been widely, even universally accepted by the accounting industry as an application that is highly trusted. Keep in mind we keep very sensitive information in these applications; taxes, payroll, and banking to name a few.

So I am proud to announce that we’ve launched 7 new lessons today, all aimed at getting you thoroughly familiar with ShareFile, and all that it does.

Visit my ShareFile Partner Page for general information, or to get ShareFile.

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