Last 24 Hours / Next 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours I helped out 2 guys in a rehab facility, worked with one guy who is struggling financially to develop his budget/projections and helped him find peace of mind for now that all will be ok there. Then I took the day even though I had a ton of work to do and spent the rest of it with my wife. On a somewhat spontaneous suggestion from her I joined Jenny Craig! $600 for a month including all of the food and a coach who will call and work with me once/week. Seems well worth it for my health.

In the next 24 Hours I am off to the gym as soon as I finish writing this. I will go through my list of things to do and figure which things will get done today. I will also find at least one person to help on a spiritual level today, and I will write something and record at least one video tutorial for the MakeItWork Financial Help Desk. I also have to write a blog post about them.

What do your last 24 Hours / Next 24 Hours Look like?