The battle continues! Google Vs. Facebook / Facebook vs. Google. Who will win? Maybe both will?

Personally I still like both.  It’s about the people more than the platform for me.  Google Plus is about meeting new people mostly. Facebook is about connecting with existing friends, family and colleagues. So Facebook has rolled out some new features much of which surrounds Google’s concept of allowing you to customize your experience in terms of what you share and what you see (ie from whom). So now you have some work to do. You have to go through your friends and put them in boxes so to speak. Organize them in terms of how you know them.  I don’t know about you but I have about 1,000 friends on Facebook and I know several people who have the max of 5,000. It’s going to take a while to get this done, but hopefully this special, almost 20 minute presentation will help you navigate this to make the process go MUCH faster!

So who would win in a fist fight? Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg?