Rather than talk about the things I have to be grateful for (and believe me that list is a LONG one) I thought I would share this video with you by way of an introduction to recording screen casts for YouTube.  My hope is that this is something YOU can be grateful for. It’s how I have had MOST of my success over the past year. By putting my videos out on YouTube covering QuickBooks, MS Excel, General Accounting, Financial Accounting, and more generally any tool that I have found to be helpful in my business. Once I have learned something, I’ve learned that I can teach it to you. People have always told me that I explain things well. That I make things easy to understand. So in an effort to share my own success with you, I bring you a short series on how to record screen casts using Camtasia and how to set up your YouTube channel to create an internet marketing machine for yourself.

Camtasia can look overwhelming when you first open it up. There are so many things to click on. My advice to you is to take a deep breath, relax and remember that you do not have to learn this whole program in one day and you certainly don’t have to learn the entire Camtasia program in 5 minutes!

Pick one thing – use my videos as your guide and learn a small piece at a time. This is the best way to learn. Become an expert in just one area. Start with the timeline and get comfortable with that, because once you have some video recorded this is where you will spend most of your time – on the timeline. Everything else in camtasia, like any video editor has to do with what happens on that timeline, and like Las Vegas, what happens on the timeline STAYS on the timeline.

Watch the video and then post your questions below (on the blog or on the video on YouTube)!