Import csv Files Directly Into Google Sheets

You may know by now that one area we specialize in at Nerd Enterprises, Inc. is eCommerce. Our systems are built around extreme error free efficiency. This means importing a csv file containing all of the sales and fees into a spreadsheet. We have all of our processes in the cloud. Accordingly, we wanted to move away from Microsoft Excel and into Google Sheets. This meant we would need to import csv files directly into Google Sheets.

Amazon is the most popular place on the planet to sell online.

So we’ve created systems around getting the biweekly Amazon settlement reports to reconcile from gross sales to the net deposit. And we wanted it done fast. Like in minutes. The problem with import or sync tools is they tend to generate errors that can take lots of time with support and otherwise to fix. I want a system that works always. Mine does.

I’ve created a template the lets us drop the biweekly Amazon settlement report, and it instantly breaks it down from the gross sales to the net deposit with all of the fees and holds categorized in between.

If you are just going by the summary that Amazon gives you without using the download, you are missing a ton of important details.

Once I figured out how to import csv files directly into Google Sheets, it meant I could finally manage this entire process in Google Drive. No more Microsoft Excel!

This also makes it much easier to collaborate with Erica (my Chief Operating Nerd), because Google Sheets is much easier to collaborate in vs Excel.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of the process for how to import csv files directly into Google Sheets. See how this helps us turn hours into minutes, with everything done the right way – including all of the details.

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