The Hustle – What to do When Things Slow Down

The trick to what to do when things slow down, is to stay in motion. You should also spend a certain amount of the time, enjoying the downtime. How many times do we find ourselves complaining that we’re too busy. Then things slow down, and we complain that we’re too slow. Grass is always greener, until you start seeing your present situation from the other side.

One of the best lessons I learned, when I was working as a stockbroker, was that in the good months we save. In the bad months we spend. Take yourself out to the movies on a day, when you have no appointments because it’s slow right now. It seems counter intuitive. The fact is that when we do things like this, it is really good for the soul.

Meanwhile, when we aren’t busy working, our job is to find new business. Write content, and get busy networking online. Today I spent some time banging those LinkedIn notifications with all of the people who have new jobs, or new positions, or work anniversaries. It’s a very simple thing. LinkedIn does most of the work for you. Within a few hours, someone had already responded back. A conversation has been initiated. That’s networking. She might become a client, or she might refer one. Doesn’t matter. The point is that as long as you stay in motion, and keep trying new things, things will turn around.

One of my favorite stories is from Mike Dooley’s Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic. He tells a story of a guy who was working in a high profile position. An executive at a big ad agency, or some such position. They guy is laid off, due to downsizing. Eventually he decides to take a job waiting tables, just to keep busy doing “something.” As the story goes, this guy kept a really good attitude about things, despite the substantial fall from grace, and downsizing in pay.

While he was waiting tables, and maintaining an amazing attitude, someone took note. The customer struck up a conversation with our waiter, and the next thing you know, our waiter was back in a high paying job.

Instead of sitting at home and sulking, the guy kept himself in motion. He put himself out there. As entrepreneurs, we must stay in motion at all times.

I have a lot of contacts on LinkedIn. I will get many of these notifications. Most of my replies of congratulations will be ignored. It won’t matter. It only takes one positive outcome to pay for all of the effort, and then some.

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