The Hustle – How Gary Vaynerchuk Confirmed Everything I’ve Been Thinking and Doing

After a week of channeling my anger, and getting focused. After staying up way later than I should have, especially given how early I get up. After reaching well past the point where I knew I needed to rest, I decided to walk away from the computer. I channeled my energy, and I was very pleased with what I have accomplished.

When someone looks at the pricing table

on my Nerd Enterprises, Inc. website,

and asks if the prices are yearly or monthly,

then I absolutely KNOW, I am doing it right.

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Below is the thread from the top, for context:

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I took a break. I headed out, and did some shopping. Got a bite to eat. I made good choices, and ate at a salad place. Salads can have a lot of calories, but I’ve learned, that is not my issue.

Previously I mentioned that the pieces of my life are coming together in a way that they never had before. My health is a big part of that. I had also mentioned previously that health was my number one priority. My diabetes diagnosis was a major catalyst in this. Calories aren’t my issue. I need more protein, and fewer carbs. Most importantly, when I do eat carbs (and we all need to), those carbs should be complex, and they should be accompanied by protein. A salad mixed with vegetables, and the right meats, can be the perfect balanced meal.

I came home, and spent some relaxed time with my wife. She brought home one of those rotisserie chickens, which I ate, just about plain. More protein. Protein, protein, and more protein. That’s what I need. I can see it in the results. Since February 15, I’ve lost 10 lbs, and my fasting glucose levels have dropped from being as high as 190, to being right where they need to be – over, 80, under 120.

Next morning I slept in until about 8:30 am. I never do that. I needed the rest. This is very important for my health.

As I got out of bed, and took my fasting glucose, I began to do what I do most Sunday mornings. I read. An e-mail from my YouTube subscription caught my eye. The headline was Gary Vaynerchuck’s, “Hustle & Filters and Hustle & Filters | DailyVee 025.”

I love New York City, so for that reason alone, I wanted to watch this. Then he started saying some things that made me pause the video, and get another cup of coffee. As I sipped my second cup, I reviewed this one part of the video, so I could take notes:

  • You have to figure out what you’re good at.
  • That’s the only thing you should be doing.
  • Mentors, Masterminds, are doing what they’re doing, because they’re not good enough to do it themselves.
  • Not talented enough, so they’re just going to sell you.
  • If you’re good enough to make money by doing “THAT” you DO THAT!
  • You going to sell me how to make a million dollars?
  • You can only sell what you know?
  • You can only sell what’s true.
  • I have a poor business model. I give away all kinds of content, and once in three years, I ask for $18.

My take away from this is that I NEED to focus on building the most significant accounting and bookkeeping agency for real estate brokers and agents on the planet. I need to do what I am really good at. Then I can teach what I know. Then I can teach the truth!


You want to know how to make a million dollars?

By making $83,333/month. And you do THAT by making $20,833.33 per week. It’s a simple formula.

Here are the real challenges:

  1. Figure out what you’re really good at. What can you do better than anyone else?
  2. Learn to identify, and avoid distractions (I’m still working on this, but I know I just got better at it).
  3. Stay focused, and keep challenging yourself to get even better – never get complacent. The minute you do, someone will beat you at your own game.

Come back tomorrow for the final nail in the final piece…

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