The Hustle – The Final Nail on the Final Piece

The final nail, on the final piece

After watching that video, and replaying that one section several times to get the above notes down, I started combing through more of Gary Vaynerchuck’s content. I forgot how much good stuff you can learn from him, and this is where I need to focus. I need to surround myself with people like Gary, who can teach me how to build and grow something amazing. Something that no one else can build and grow. I went to subscribe to Gary’s newsletter, only to be reminded that I was already subscribed.

I stumbled on this: How This guy sleeping and a mind shift changed my Health. I found it originally on Instagram, but it gets cut off, so Gary linked from his Instagram profile to the entire story on Facebook. See what he did there? He gave you the scoop, and made it easy for you.

Gary points out that he discovered, just like I’ve discovered that we need to chase our health with even more fervor, than we chase our businesses. See how the pieces are coming together?


For me it took the warning of a doctor, to finally get on track. Maybe this will be your warning.

I spent one day. Wait. Make that an hour or two, researching on the internet, how to eat right. You should work with your physician, to figure out where you’re at with your weight. You may be trying the wrong things. I was. I was counting calories. Now I don’t worry about the calories. I also don’t concern myself with what I can’t or shouldn’t eat.

Instead I did some research

to find out what I CAN, and SHOULD eat.

There is a very important difference here. One is restrictive, the other represents freedom, and a new way of living, which is infinitely more powerful.

Everything I’ve done, has prepared me for this moment. Every mistake I’ve made has taught me what I needed to know, so I could stay the course. Every time I’ve made a mistake for the second time, I’ve learned to pay better attention to what I’ve learned before.

Everything and everyone has a purpose. Everything and everyone has meaning. To take a page from Depeche Mode’s book…

Everything Counts in Large Amounts

When I get backed into a corner, I don’t complain. I don’t point my finger at others, and blame them for my troubles. I blame no one but myself. I get busy. I come out swinging. I divide and conquer. Either you’re helping me reach my goals, or you better get out of my way, because ready or not, here I come. And most of you didn’t see me coming before. The rest will likely not see me coming, going forward. Because most people are too hung up on themselves, to see what is going on right around, and in front of them!

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