The Hustle – Consistent Application of a Consistent Business Model

This model will not work for complex business models.

It is too difficult to create a repeatable system on complex business models. Those who have inventory or complex job costing needs. Leave those clients for someone else. I used to specialize in these, because others didn’t want them, or didn’t have the experience needed. I’m moving away from them on the consulting side, because serving those clients makes my own business less scalable. On the training side, I will handle them, because that is simple. Get in, train, get out. If they need consulting I will work out a referral arrangement, where they can pay me 20% of the billing. That I can scale, because I can send them clients all day long, and get paid, while not getting pulled into the day to day. Since I get a lot of leads (one of the benefits of generating an online presence), everybody wins on this.

Plan on spending a lot of extra time on your first new client, once you begin your new plan. They will be your model client. You will learn, and develop most of your systems around that client, for all clients in that industry. You’ll make mistakes, give them discounts, and ultimately you’ll perfect your system with that client as your “guinea pig. And don’t worry about the discounts. You’ll make so much more money in the long term, because here’s what you won’t do…

You will NOT falter on your rates. Any discounts you give will only be to make up for mistakes that may have cost the client money, such as late fees on a bill you pay late.

Once you have the system built, and you bring in your second client, it’s time to delegate. That first client, now has to be entrusted to a staff member. As the owner of the business, you are the systems architect. Once the system is designed, and implemented, you’re out of it. This is another thing that needs to be applied consistently. This is how you scale. You cannot do everything.

At this  point it should be easy. Everything is on a schedule. Once a week they update the bank feeds. A day after that, the reports go out. Everything is on a schedule, so that your clients get what they expect. Consistently.

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