The Hustle – How to Channel Anger Into Focus

Now that we’re hustling, I want to share an important lesson I learned a long time ago…

I will never forget a fight I had

with a girl I was dating many years ago.

We had plans to do some shopping on a Saturday, after she finished work. It was a Saturday, and I had time to kill in the morning, before she came home. I bumped into my neighbor, and suggested we go shoot some pool for a couple of hours, at a local pool hall. I called my girlfriend, and left word with her mom, that I was going to be at the pool hall, and that I should be home in time for us to go shopping, but in case I ran a few minutes late, I wanted to be sure she knew where I was.

I believe it was about 30 minutes before she was due home, she came storming into the pool hall. Evidently she got my message, but wasn’t too happy. Apparently I was supposed to wait at home for her, and do nothing, until she was good and ready to go. I was still young then, but anybody who has known me all of these years (her included), knows by now, that shit doesn’t fly with me.

Then I noticed something,

and so did she (as we discussed later).

I was not missing a single shot at the pool table. My anger had me focused. And pool more than many things, requires nothing more than a high degree of focus, so you can spot the ball, aim, and shoot.

I’ve learned to channel anger in this way. Last week I was angry, but I didn’t let it get the best of me. I channeled it, and I got laser focused. I produced a ton of content, much of it on the topic of QuickBooks Online for Real Estate. I scheduled a webinar, on the topic, and even did some light prospecting on LinkedIN.

See how I am building this vertical…

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