The Hustle – If You Build it, They Will Come

If You Build it, They Will Come

Previously I discussed how to channel your anger into focus. Getting angry isn’t always such a bad thing. It can be channeled, and that energy used to drive you forward. Then you start building for your future and leave your past where it belongs. Behind you!

Since my goal is to build a bookkeeping business for real estate brokers and agents, I did what I know how to do best. I did what I am really good at. I began to build a resource for real estate agents and brokers. Not just on the accounting, but on what I am learning about the current real estate market, based on what I read in the Wall St. Journal, and the Investor’s Business Daily.

I spent a chunk of time last week, thinking about how I wanted to re-purpose the Nerd Enterprises, Inc. website. Then I got a bug up my ass, and stayed up late one night, doing it. I wanted to keep it simple, and highly focused on the services I want to offer.

Over the years, I was willing to take on any bookkeeping engagement, because I could.

“Because I can” is not a good enough reason.

It needs to be much better focused.

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I am offering a complete business management solution. This means we do it all. The bookkeeping, paying the bills, and everything else that goes with the accounting and bookkeeping process.

Equally important is to define what we won’t do. And those pages are coming soon on the nerd enterprises, inc. website.

Find out how Gary Vaynerchuck confirmed that everything I’ve been thinking and doing here is right on track.

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