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What is your Big Idea?
What are you selling?
Whom are you selling it too?
How does it benefit the customer?
I am selling an educational and business building framework for accountants and bookkeepers.
This benefits the customer by shortening the learning curve, and the process for growth and management of your accounting practice. This is also a community of like minded individuals who are all here to help one another.
Any Accountants or bookkeepers can improve their business with The Accounting Business Academy, because it gives you the resources you need to build, grow, and scale your business.
Any accountant or Bookkeeper can increase revenues and free up time, with The Accounting Business Academy, because it gives you easy to understand instruction and other resources, to generate leads, and improve workflow.

Lead people with protective intentions
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    • Transformation
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Person, Problem, and Pain
Person: Accountant and bookkeeper
Problem: no time, and not enough money
Pain: stress, not enough free time to spend with family and friends.

The biggest problem I see accountants and bookkeepers having is they are working way to much, and still not making enough money.
You’re not a marketer. You’re not a writer, don’t like the camera, and yet you want to figure out how to use social media to generate more leads. After all it seems to be what everyone is saying you have to do, but you’re not, “Seth David!”
And / Or
You’ve tried to switch to value pricing and you’ve tried all the apps that everyone is recommending, but the truth is you’re even more overwhelmed and stuck trying to figure out what to use, where and when.

Amplify and Aspirations
What will it cost them not to make a change?
(A) Write down your current monthly income.
(B) Next write down your desired monthly income?
Next lay out your “time life:”
How many hours a day are you spending on each area?
Next to that, put down how you would LIKE to be spending your time in each of these areas.
The cost is precious time, and valuable money.

Story, solution, and system
Tell the story of how the problem can be solved.
My story:
I was stuck at the same level of income for several years. No matter what I tried to do differently, I kept getting the same result.
Then I read The One Minute Millionaire and learned that my biggest problem was a time management problem. And it wasn’t about not spending enough time bring productive. In fact, I was speeding to much time being productive.
I started to analyze how I WANTED to be spending my time. Exercise, mediation, time with the important people in my life, and so on…
Keep going…

Transformation and testimony
How will my customer’s life be different after they are working with me?
Get testimonials from customers
Has this person been able to do what they are describing for themselves?
Has this person been able to teach other people to achieve the results they are describing?
Will this person be able to teach me how to achieve these results?

Here’s what I’d like to do for you.
Let’s get those books cleaned up….
I can work with you to make this happen with my weekly bookkeeping program. Once we get started you will experience the relief that comes with knowing that this is finally getting handled.
We’ll give you weekly reports
A dedicated Slack Team so we can be in constant contact.

Let’s do this….
Schedule a call here, so we can discuss your needs ans start transforming your current situation to the one you’ve been striving to experience since you started your company.
Click Here —> [Link goes here]

  • Pastor
    • Person, problem, pain
    • Amplify
    • Story and Solution
    • Transformation
    • Offer
    • Response

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