Facebook Timeline for business is now here and if you haven’t already updated and published you don’t worry. You will be forced to on March 30, 2012!

There are a number of really nice changes besides the fact that your business page now has the same timeline format as your personal page does if you decided to make that change. So what is different?

  • The dashboard at the top (for admins) gives you quick access to the most important things – to see who has commented and who has recently “Liked” you.
  • You can now send messages to a “Page” and those show up on the top right in the dash board.
  • You can now customize the “Tab” icons (some of them) that show up just below the cover and you can rearrange them.
  • Now that you have the “Timeline” layout you can mark significant events in your company’s history the same way you can on your personal timeline.

Watch my video to learn exactly what is new and what to do? What do you think about this? Please post your comments below!

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