How to Use Camtasia for Basic Video Editing

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Since so many people are afraid to make videos I thought I would create one that shows you why it isn’t complicated. The reason why I use Camtasia for basic video editing is that is is not actually complicated, and it is also a lot of fun.

First of all, I love the idea that I can create an experience that can

  • (a) teach something, and
  • (b) make people laugh along the way.

Here’s how to use Camtasia for basic video editing.

Let me start by saying it was a bit confusing for me to do a video about editing a video. I kept forgetting which video I was in. The one I was editing, or the one about how to edit the one that I was editing. I got through it. You will too.

The reality is, there are only a few things that you have to know how to do, in order to produce a high quality video.

What is a high quality video? Simple. A high quality video is one that people will want to watch.

Here’s what you need to know in order to use Camtasia for basic video editing:

  • Zoom and Pan
  • How to cut the timeline
  • How to use simple call outs

Zoom and Pan is first, because it is the key to letting your viewers see and focus on what you are showing them. You have to be able to see this from the viewer’s perspective. Because of this, the timing and frequency of your zoom and pan has to be right.

Cutting the timeline at the right point is critical because if you’re not careful, you can create a choppy video. Furthermore if you want to edit out a section, you cannot just do it anywhere. The objective is to edit the video, without making it obvious that you cut anything out. 

Call outs are a great enhancement to zoom and pan. Using the right call out can go a long way to helping the viewer see and get what you are trying to teach them. There are some simple ones that you should know how to use. Once you get comfortable with the simple ones, you will find you’ll start playing with the others.

The learning curve on how to use Camtasia for basic video editing is not steep.

Using Camtasia for basic video editing takes a bit of patience, probably with yourself mostly.

Watch the video to see what all of this looks like. If you want to go further, check out my Camtasia webinar, and consider the option that includes 2 hours of 1:1. This way I can help produce your own video.


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