How To See a Payment History In QuickBooks

I was party to a discussion on LinkedIN in which people were offering what they felt would make great reports in QuickBooks. There were some very good ideas in there and then there were a number of people who had suggested that they would like to see a report in QuickBooks that is already there but not in the usual place where one would go to run reports in QuickBooks. Normally you would click on ‘Reports’ and then find the appropriate report category or customize your own summary or transaction detail reports. There is, however one particular kind of report that you can run in QuickBooks that I have grown fond of because my clients and vendors love it and it is not where you would expect to go to run a report because it is sort of a byproduct of another function within QuickBooks

Running a Payment History

Often times we are faced with wanting to show someone exactly how a particular payment was applied. Using the reporting function in QuickBooks we can run the Customer or Vendor Balance Detail report, but this is only a history of payments and invoices or payments and bills. We still cannot see from a particular payment what invoices or bills were paid. Even if we drill in by double clicking the payment we do not get a report that we can send to someone, but we are close to where we need to be. Once you are looking at that payment you can click the ‘History’ button and now we are getting somewhere.

Once you click Print, you will be taken to the dialogue to print, the same as you would if you went to print an actual report. Once there you can print to a PDF easily if you have something like the Cute PDF Writer. This is one of the key programs I have talked about in terms of being able to go paperless. It is so important because it allows you to print anything to a PDF by acting like any printer installed on your computer. So instead of printing to your printer you change the printer to “Cute PDF Writer” and voila! You’ve got a PDF! Now you may want to play around with and format the report. No problem the video here shows you how you can print this to MS Excel such that you can play around with formatting all day if you want to before you send your report to your vendor or client.

Please watch the short video and please post a comment if this helped you and let me know that it did!