Missions on Empire Avenue are a great way to help others.

They are also a great way to promote yourself.

Most of the time when people take my missions I notice that some of them will apparently go check what they’ve got invested in me and if they aren’t maxed out in me they buy more shares. That really isn’t the point though. For me it’s just fun. Fortunately the money isn’t real, that helps 🙂

Missions are really easy to run on Empire Avenue.

Just click near the top where it says “Missions” and then you will see a tab called “Create a Mission”. The rest is pretty straight forward.

Before you run a mission you have to consider one important thing.

What do you want people to do? What action do you want them to take? Often it is something along the lines of Liking a Facebook page (either yours or someone else’s) or a YouTube Video, or subscribing to a channel on YouTube. I have a feeling these typical kinds of missions are going to get old soon, so what I have done in this video is I have listed some of my “friends” on Empire Avenue in a Tumblr blog that I have. The mission was simple, take 1,000 EAVs and go invest in one or more of my friends. I listed the links to the people’s profiles in a post on Tumblr and that was it. During the making of the video (below) I couldn’t know for sure what would happen but now that a day has gone by I can tell you that my friends were grateful for the acknowledgement, many as it turns out were already fully invested in many on my list. That should (hopefully) tell you something about the company I keep on Empire Avenue. These are great, fun, and really positive people.

Personally I think the best missions are when you do something to help someone else! You decide what works for you and please post your comments and questions below.