One great way to use MS Excel is to create the tools you need in order to manage anything that involves tracking, especially if that tracking as anything to do with data that is numeric in nature. One example of something that MS Excel is great for tracking is time. When I had just moved to California I was working with Accountemps in order to support myself and in those days they had a carbon copy time sheet form that I had to fill out with my time. Well I was already using MS Excel and already having trouble understanding why more things were not begin done in MS Excel that could and therefore should be done in excel because it saves time and minimizes room for error, which in turn saves more time.

The first thing I needed to figure out was how to get MS Excel to calculate the difference from one time to another, but it doesn’t end there. Could it be as easy as subtracting the starting time from the ending time? This does appear to give a result, but not one I can use in it’s initial state to extract the actual time. MS excel gives me a result in terms of a decimal of some sort, but when I set the starting and ending time in MS Excel as 15 minutes apart from one another I did not get my desired result of “.25” representing 1/4 of an hour so I could simply write a formula in Excel multiplying that decimal by the hourly rate to arrive at the compensation in dollars. In short I want to be able to lay out all out as shown in the image here which means that I need to get MS Excel to calculate my time in terms of decimals (base 10) and more specifically hours so that I can multiply by an hourly rate to arrive at the amount due.

The answer is an ancient Greek secret. Just kidding, sort of. MS Excel uses a base 24 math system (ie 24 hours in a day) for time. So in order to convert from the initial result you get in MS Excel when subtracting a starting time from an ending time to the correct decimal result you have to do what I demonstrate in my video:

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