Facebook has it’s own markup language called FBML and this is what is required in order to insert videos and images or more generally if you want to do fancy things with your Facebook page. We’re talking about your “Fan” page or now it’s your “Like” page (Do you like me?). It makes us all sound so insecure. Some people call it your “Business” page on Facebook. I personally like that one the best.

The first thing you will need to do in order to customize your facebook page is to add the Static FBML App. Once you add this app, you have to go to the app, name it, and paste your code in.

FBML actually does accept a lot of HTML code, so inserting images and formatting text on your facebook page is as easy as knowing the HTML code. If you don’t know it, no worries. You can get this code as well as the code for how to insert videos on your Facebook Page in my Knowledge Center. My video walks you through how to get the code, replace the appropriate sections with the references to your images and videos and paste it into the app. Then I show you how to set that ‘App’ as the landing page of your Facebook Page so that anyone who hasn’t already “Liked” you or if they are not logged in when the land there will see this page instead of your wall.

There are some other things besides inserting Videos, Images, and Formatted text into your facebook page in my video. I show you how to change your Facebook Page’s category and why it is important not to list yourself as a public figure unless you are running for Mayor. You can download the code in my Knowledge Center for $2 – it took me 2 hours to find the code and then learn how to use it so I think that’s fair 😉

Enjoy the video, please take a moment to “Like Me” on Facebook and post your comments here or there on my wall!