How to Forward Emails Into Slack

Are you wondering if you can, and how to forward emails into Slack? Slack has proven to be a powerful communications tool in my business. I have gone as far as to say that it is helping with client retention for the simple reason that it makes for amazing communication with my clients. I’m able to respond much faster, than by email, and the conversations are much easier to organize, categorized, and then easily reference when I need them. But if someone e-mails me, and I want to take that up in Slack, I can’t. Until now that is. On September 6, 2017 Slack released the feature. You can now forward emails into slack.

Up until now this feature was a gaping productivity hole in Slack, but they’ve solver the problem. Here’s how to forward emails into Slack:

Got to Preferences -> Messages & Media

Then Scroll all the way down, and you will find the option to get your forwarding e-mail address.

Now copy and paste that into an e-mail to be sent to the Slack e-mail recipient for that team.

Better yet. Set up a contact called, “xxx Slack Team” and put that e-mail address in. This will be especially useful if you have more than one Slack team. Set up a contact for each team, so when you are cleaning out your inbox, it will be drop dead simple to forward e-mails into Slack.

If you have a Slack team that is dedicated to a client, you could give them the e-mail address. This way all of their messages go into Slack. What I would actually do, is create an alias / e-mail group, like “” Then forward emails into Slack from that group or alias. This way, you can easily turn it off, if it gets crazy, and the client is none the wiser. 

You may want to set up a private channel in your Slack Team, where you can share that e-mail address with certain members of your team. Be careful whom you share this with!

More ideas expanding on how to forward e-mails into Slack coming soon, so post your comments, requests, questions, and suggestions below!


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    1. Actually I learned after producing this video, that it is user / team specific.
      When you forward an e-mail to Slack, it shows up in Slackbot. From there you can share it to any channel you want.
      Imagine having 20 channels on 10 different Workspaces. That would be a lot of e-mail forwarding addresses to manage. This way Slackbot acts as a user specific “handler” for the e-mails. Then you can decided if / where to share it.

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