Your invoice template is pretty easy to customize in QuickBooks. In fact Intuit has some really nice templates that you can download and import into your QuickBooks Company file for free.

You can also go into an existing form and change it. Many people do not like the “boxy”look of the QuickBooks default invoice templates. It’s easy to fix that.

Click on Lists. Then Choose ‘Templates’:

QuickBooks Templates

Once you are in the QuickBooks Templates List you can edit any template. Go to the Layout designer (select a template, then click Edit, then ‘Edit Template’).

Click Layout Designer at the bottom:

QuickBooks Layout Designer

Then you can double click any box in the layout designer and remove the borders. The borders are what make the invoice look “boxy”

Edit Borders

Now for a whole other area on customizing your invoice and to learn how to make your QuickBooks Invoices look gorgeous, watch the video web cast on How To Customize Your Invoice Template in QuickBooks.