How to Create Engaging Video Introductions in Camtasia

Creating well branded and engaging video introductions in Camtasia may be much more important than you realize.

I received an email from someone a few years back, with a link to a YouTube video, asking if I could help them create what was in the video. I clicked over, and watched the video. 

When I began my reply I said, “Of course I can do this, but just out of curiosity, why not ask the guy who made the video?”

I hadn’t looked too closely, so you can imagine my surprise when this guy wrote me back and explained that there was no contact info on the guy.

Not in the video. No video introductions in Camtasia, or whatever he used to create the video.

Not even on his YouTube channel.


I couldn’t even write the guy to thank him for not putting his contact info anywhere to be found, thereby generating business for me!!

Branding and the Importance of creating engaging video Introductions in Camtasia

If you’re going to go to the trouble of creating videos, to promote your business, then you need branding. This means a logo, and ideally branding guidelines, which include your colors. When I recently rebranded, and put the new site up, I asked Shane ( to get me the hex codes for the green and blue colors that we used. This enables me to use the exact right colors anywhere online.

When I set up a Zoom webinar, I can change the colors of the background, and use the hex codes when selecting my colors, so the branding is consistent.

Branding is about recognition. You want to make sure people remember you, which means you want to make sure they know when it’s YOUR video they’re watching.

And you definitely want to make sure that people know how to get in touch with you.

Every video you do, should have your branding in the intro, and a clear CTA (Call To Action).

That CTA should be very specific.

Answer this question:

What specific action do you want them to take, by the time they are done watching your video?

  • Call you
  • Email you
  • Fill out a form

There can be others. Answer that question, and that needs to go into every single video. That’s why right up front in every one of my videos, I ask you to call me at (866) 945-8070 for more help and information. That is how you create video Introductions in Camtasia. A title, and a call to action.

It also helps to have what is called an “audio calling card.” There are things I say at the beginning and end of every single video.

“Knowledge is power. Make an impact by learning more. Call us right now at…”

In that audio calling card I have included my CTA. You know the instant you hear that, that it’s a “Seth David” or a “Nerd Enterprises, Inc.” video.

Then I end every single video with, “… I hope you had some fun and learned something along the way. I hope you’re having an absolutely fantastic day, and I’ll see you on the web!”

Those are audio calling cards. It’s another aspect of my branding. Another way of identifying me, and one of my videos.

Try and come up with your version of the above, and you’ll be well on your way to establishing a recognizable brand.

And don’t forget to be remarkable.

The above is important to establish first, because your video intro should be riddled with your branding. That’s the WHOLE entire point of your video. Well that, and to introduce your topic.

How to create engaging video introductions in Camtasia


This is my preferred way. You’re going to need two PowerPoint slides. One for the Call to Action, and another for the title of your video.

Your slides need to have your branding on them. There are many designs you can choose from in PowerPoint. Then all you need to do, to “brand it” is slap your logo on it.

Do not put a title on your title slide. It should be a blank slide with just the design, so that in camtasia you can use a text call out to add a new title to each video that you do. It should have your logo on it.

Once you have these two slides created, you are going to save them out as .jpg files.

Then you will add them to the timeline in a new Camtasia Project. With the slides in place you are going to record a very short video with your audio calling card and call to action.

Don’t use the voice narration feature in Camtasia. It creates a .wav file, and the audio quality is terrible. Instead record your screen as if you were doing a video, just to capture your voice.

Once that intro is on the timeline, you can right click it, and choose, “Separate Audio & Video.” Then remove the video asset, and leave the audio in place.

This should ONLY be your call to action. Do not introduce a topic, or you will have to record a new intro for each video, and that takes too long.

The Media Library in Camtasia

Camtasia has a media library with some pre-recorded and animated intros. All you have to do is replace the text with your own.

I don’t love this option. For one thing, unless you are lucky, it will be difficult to find one that conforms to your branding, and much harder to get your logo on there.

Nonetheless it may be easier for you to use something where much of the work is done for you. For that, there is the medial library in Camtasia.

Add your intro to the Camtasia Library

Whichever method you choose, once you have the intro lined up on the timeline in Camtasia, you’ll want to select all of the assets in the intro, right click and group them. Then add that group to the Camtasia Library, and name it accordingly.

If you set it up this way, then as you create each video in Camtasia, all you will need to to, is add your intro from Camtasia’s media library, ungroup it, edit the title, and apply a transition from the intro to your recording. This makes the process of including engaging intro’s in Camtasia very quick and easy.

In almost every aspect of my life, I am constantly getting it reinforced that if you do some extra work up front, it almost always saves you a ton of time down the road.

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