When you use drop box to share files you are working locally in a file on your computer. Then once you close the file Drop Box syncs this up to the web, and from the web the file is synced back to the computers (locally) of anyone you have share the folder with. This can create an issue if two people are working on the same file at the same time. You get conflicting copies of the files and you have to figure out who’s changes will survive. I use drop box to share QuickBooks files with my clients, my bookkeepers, and in some cases, even the CPA’s who work on that client’s tax returns. It becomes critically important that we don’t get conflicting copies in Drop Box when sharing QuickBooks files.

So here is a short video I recorded demonstrating what my system is for how to avoid conflicting copies in Drop Box.

Don’t know about or just don’t have drop box yet?

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