Last year I switched to Gmail by adding my pop3 e-mail accounts to Gmail for one main reason. Cloud based. I was maintaining 2 separate outlook profiles on 2 separate computers and I had to file my e-mails twice, once on each computer. The only solution to this while keeping outlook was an exchange server which can get very expensive. $150/month per user! Yikes!! I’m not that wealthy yet.

For Years I had used MS Outlook for all of my e-mail and calendar as well as contact management. I loved how easy MS Outlook made it to organize and integrate all of these critically important areas of my life, but I was not happy having to organize things twice. This was highly inefficient.

So once I realized that I could add my pop3 e-mail accounts to my gmail account and voila! Problem solved and no additional cost. Eventually I will max out my memory limits on Gmail and I am sure I will just pay for extra space with Google.

This video on how to add your pop3 e-mail account to Gmail is meant to serve two purposes; to help you understand how to do it, and also to train all of my bookkeepers so they can set up their “Nerd” e-mail in this manner.