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What motivates me? Doing what I love and getting the appreciation I know I deserve because I always give 110% of myself in everything I do. So I refuse to do things I don’t enjoy and I refuse to work with people I don’t love even if it means making less money and somehow money has never been an issue for me since the day I started.

I also learned to pay attention to what someone is saying beneath the surface of what they were saying. A client once came to me with what looked like criticism about one of my bookkeepers not getting everything done on time. My first inclination was to get defensive. I’ve learned not to try and defend myself because it really is never about me. It is about the other person’s fear – the work won’t get done on time and things will fall apart on his end. So instead of defending her and explaining that she is my best bookkeeper and I know she is doing all she can to get the work done in the time she has etc.. I offered that perhaps she could come in to hi office 2 days/week instead of one because it sounded like there was a lot of work. Turns out this was exactly what he was looking for (he just didn’t know how to articulate it properly) so he got the solution he wanted and I doubled my revenue as well as my bookkeeper’s compensation on this client. The other way it could have gone was arguing and drama. I avoid those roads and if I can’t think of the solution on the spot like I did there,I ask the client for 24 hours to think of the best solution possible. If that is not good enough for the client then the client is being unreasonable and I don’t play on that field so the answer at that point is simple – I don’t have a solution for you right now. At this point it is pretty clear when a client wants a solution vs when they just want to complain so that maybe they can get a credit. So I will give a one time credit to a client like this and then I will make sure I bill them for every 15 minutes that I spend working on anything having to do with them. This is what I mean about a client who’s goals are in conflict with mine. My goal is always to help the client find the best possible solutions to their problems. If they don’t want to hear solutions then I can’t help them and all I can do at that point is let go and move on.

So focusing on the solutions helps keep me motivated!

Next up.. How I Use Technology To Keep Motivated (check back I’m working on this).

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