As more businesses leverage online tools and cloud computing capabilities as a means to improve operational efficiency and reduce or eliminate dependency on paper, there is one overlooked piece of the puzzle. More often than not contracts or agreements are created and stored in digital format, however once terms or conditions are agreed upon, many businesses rely on resource intensive paper-based processes. The process of printing, shipping, faxing and filing, is time consuming, expensive and slow.

If most of your operations are already taken online, why not close the loop with electronic signatures. By utilizing an end-to-end electronic signature solution like eOriginal’s SmartSign Web, businesses are able to compliment existing applications to create a completely streamlined process from origination → to signing → to storing and managing documents throughout their entire lifecycle. Electronic signatures really are there to simplify business operations. Documents are sent out for signature via email, the ID of signers can be validated through multiple layers of verification (if necessary), and documents can be signed through any number of ways including text signatures, signature pads, and using mobile devices (Smart phones, iPads, tablets, etc) for access anytime anywhere.

A few key benefits include:

  • Reduce sales-cycles closing more deals faster having documents signed in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Track user activity throughout the entire document management process with automated alerts. Alerts can notify key members of your team for newly closed deals, contract extensions, and who has and hasn’t signed.
  • Eliminate errors and missing or incomplete documents. The signing process can not be completed without all proper information being provided.
  • Reduce costs associated with printing, faxing, and filing paper documents.
  • Go Green — eliminating paper based systems minimizes your organizations impact on the environment.

Electronic signatures may not fit the bill for every organization or for every process and each provider offers a few different options and solutions, so it is important to take a look at what your business is doing. But, if you are looking to close the gap and eliminate the “paper-chase”, electronic signatures are probably your best bet to grow and go paperless.

I asked Scott to submit this guest blog post a while back because I felt the information would prove valuable. Please feel free to contact him directly with any questions about Electronic Signatures and how they can improve your business efficiency:

Scott Palubinsky
Marketing Manager
eOriginal, Inc.