Download Google Drive here:

The desktop sync tool for Google Drive is how Google Drive works just like Dropbox,, or ShareFile, or any of the popular file sharing services. In this, and the next video I address some of the most common complaints I hear.

The reality is, Google Drive works just like the others, perhaps with a bit more flexibility. With the other services I can only have ONE domain. All of my files have to be shared in a single account. With Google Drive, you can have as many domains as you want. I have 9 different Google accounts. I’ll dig more into this, in the next lesson on Sharing and collaboration, but for now, just know that all you need to do is share a folder from one account to another, one time. This allows me the flexibility to manage 9 domains, and keep separate, what I want separate, while combining only what I want combined.

You only get one account to sync to your desktop, so choose your “Primary” domain. Then from any other accounts, you’ll need to share to that one. It’s actually really simple, once you understand how it works.

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