Gmail Priority Inbox

I play around with my settings in every application I use. It is never enough for me to just use what I know. Developers add things that we as users can set up and use in their applications because they make my life easier. At some point, with every app I use, I will MAKE it a point to go through every setting, just to see what the application does. To see what I can do. I am sure this is is precisely how I discovered the Priority inbox in Gmail. It is not the default setting, and I never would have known it was there, if I had not hunted around for any and all settings that I might learn in order to make my life easier.

When I discovered the priority inbox, it was an immediate no brainer to me, and to be honest, I am not sure why it is not the default layout.

Once you start using this, I am confident you will not be able to imagine going back to the old way. Gmail’s priority inbox puts all of the important e-mails on top. How does it know? It’s Google. It’s smart. It learns based on your behavior, and when in doubt, you can tell gmail what is important and what isn’t with a quick click.

Most days I go through the “Important and Unread” to see what I need to do as far as follow up.

Once that part is complete, I select all (remaining) unread e-mails, and I scan for anything I may want to keep. I un-check those that I want to keep, and then delete everything else. On most days, it’s two clicks; Select Unread, Delete.

Gmail’s priority inbox has substantially boosted my productivity. I spend much less time IN my inbox, and much more time following up, and getting things done.

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