Yesterday I gave you a brief introduction to Empire Avenue. Today I am going to take it a step further by getting into how I use Evernote to keep this all organized.

I use Evernote to keep track of many things and now that I am getting more and more into Empire Avenue I have started using Evernote to keep track of certain people that I want to keep up with on Empire Avenue. Sure Empire Avenue lets you track lists for various purposes but nothing quite as flexible as what you can do in Evernote and most importantly I can take notes. I have 253 Shareholders so it can be hard to keep track of them all. Certain people stand out on Empire Avenue because I have had specific interactions with them. This tells me they are here to connect which is what I am here for so they are the ones I want to pay a little closer attention to. Evernote lets me do that easily.

The simple trick in using Evernote for this is bookmarking their EAv URL by dragging their page to a new note and then getting their ticker and if you really want to follow them you can click on each of their social networks that they are connected to and drag those URLs to the note. This gives you one place to go that is easy to search with all of the links you need. It’s like browser bookmarking on steroids, but I wouldn’t want to clutter up my browser with a million bookmarks to EAv profiles and their related social networks. That would be messy. This gives me a nice place where I can put them away and also take them out and find them easily when I need them.

Tagging Notes

If you have used Evernote then you are probably familiar with their tagging feature. Even if you haven’t used Evernote, if you’ve spent more than a minute on the web in the past 10 years then hopefully you understand the concept of what tagging does. One of the ways I use this for Empire Avenue is that one I have set up a profile for a shareholder and let’s say I know I want to follow up and buy more shares I can tag the note for “Follow Up” and I can write up all the notes I want about what I want to do.

In tomorrow’s screen cast I am going to show you (and make available to you) an MS Excel Template that lets me track certain information about these people including calculating their ROI so you don’t even have to think about it.

Got ideas for how you might use Evernote for Empire Avenue? Please post your comments below!

Enjoy my screen cast on how I use Evernote to keep Nerd’s Empire Avenue Activities Organized!