Faster Online Accounting – Learn QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

If you live where I live, in this cloudy world, then you will understand what I am talking about when I say that everything is about speed. Efficiency. I charge flat rates, which means it is my job to find the most efficient ways to get things done so that I can pay more attention to quality and timely delivery. That’s why I believe firmly that fast online accounting can be accomplished when you learn QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts.

It’s a common misconception that if you go too fast you will lose quality. It depends of course on what your bigger picture process looks like. A well designed process will not only leverage ways to get things done more efficiently, but the same processes will also ensure greater accuracy. If you are not accomplishing both then you are doing it wrong.

Faster Online Accounting means we are increasing both efficiency and accuracy at the same time!

QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts are one way to do that. When I was using QuickBooks desktop, I had the keyboard shortcuts memorized so well that I didn’t even need to think about them.

Seemingly at the speed of thought, I could have a screen up when I needed it.

I still remember many of them.

Maybe all of them.

You might not think QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts would work, or work as well. They do, and there are places you can go, to learn them, but now that you’re here, bookmark this post CTRL+D and use it as a resource.

I intend to make this a complete resource, and I will also provide others below.

Don’t just read this.

Don’t just watch the video above.

First log into QuickBooks Online, so you can try these. You are much more likely to remember them that way. Plus some of these are just plain awesome! As awesome as a QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcut can be.

If for some reason you can’t access your own QuickBooks Online company, then log into the test drive company.

The easiest way is right here on my site. Hover your mouse over the top navigation, and click on “Links.” There you’ll find the Test Drive company link, as well as the link to where I speak every year these days!

First, a shortcut that you will thank me for, that isn’t QuickBooks Online’s per se. It is built into every browser, but it is a tremendous help in QuickBooks Online:

CTRL + F will open a search dialogue where you can search for anything on a page.
I use the use case of searching your chart of accounts in this post:
A Better Way To Search Your Chart Of Accounts In QuickBooks Online

Now let’s get into the actual QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s how you can access a list of keyboard shortcuts right in the product:
CTRL + ALT + ?

When you do that you will see your company ID (always have this ready when you call support) and the following dialogue.

Press CTRL + ALT + [the key shown below] to activate the command you want.

QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation Tips

Your Tab Key

While you are in any transaction screen (like an invoice) your tab key will move between fields. Shift + Tab moves back the other way.

If you land on a checkbox, your spacebar will toggle it’s selection.

Train yourself to keep your hands off the mouse, you will know what “fast online accounting” is really all about. When I have a handful of transactions on a spreadsheet, it doesn’t make sense to do an import. It is much faster to use my tab key, and then ALT + TAB or CMD + TAB to toggle to the spreadsheet, press CTRL + C to copy, then ALT/CMD + Tab, CTRL + V to paste, and then tab to move on to the next field.

The mouse will slow you down. Learn to use these QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts to achieve fast online accounting. ← Tweet or share that with the link to this post!

Activate any drop down
ALT + [Down Arrow]

Now let’s combine moves (this is like martial arts for QuickBooks Online).

Enter an invoice and then quickly access the customer list (which is the first field to fill out in the Invoice form) then do these steps:

  • CTRL + ALT + i
  • ALT + [Down Arrow]


  • You can start typing a customer name now and it will come up.
  • You can also use your up and down arrows to scroll the list.
  • Pg Up / Pg Dn will scroll the list quickly in case it’s long.
  • Once you have the item you want, press TAB.


If you are scrolling a list that has sub-items:

  • Type the first few letters of the parent.
  • Then type the first few letters of the sub-item.
  • Or use your ALT + [Down Arrow] and then your arrow keys to select.
  • Press TAB once you have what you need.


Entering Dates in QuickBooks Online

  • Next day + (plus key)
  • Previous day – (minus key)
  • Today T
  • First day of the week W
  • Last day of the week K
  • First day of the month M
  • Last day of the month H
  • First day of the year Y
  • Last day of the year R
  • Press Alt+down arrow to open the pop-up calendar icon to the right of a date field.

Calculated Numeric Fields (like the amount or unit price on a bill or invoice)

You can have QuickBooks Online do the math!

  • Simply enter a number.
  • Then enter an operator like +, -, *, or /.
  • Then enter another number.
  • Stop reading or watching the video and go try it, so you will really understand it!

Saving Transactions or Forms

Press CTRL + ALT + S

How to Apply QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts in your daily use

If you learn these QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts you will achieve faster online accounting. The trick is to force yourself to use these instead of grabbing the mouse. It will slow you down at first, while you are learning them, but as you use them more and more, they will begin to become second nature.

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