Some of us have had Facebook Timeline for a little while now, but for most of us Facebook Timeline is the next dreaded change that you are resisting with everything you’ve got. Many people from what I’ve seen are worried about how they will “design” their page.

Relax! The hoop you have to jump through is pretty wide. All that is required really are 2 pictures. One you already have – your profile pic, which leaves you really only needing to decide what to put up as your “Cover”. You want a larger than life image and you want something that really represents you. Guess what. You can change this at any time just as easily as your profile picture. Everything else will fill in on your page just fine as long as you’ve been posting for more than 5 minutes on Facebook.

So don’t stress about it. Adopt – eventually you will be forced to anyway and instead of being afraid of it? Just have fun with it. This stuff just isn’t that serious! Relax, enjoy, watch my video and then post your comments below!