A firm of the future is one who embraces the latest technology. One of the primary reasons for doing this, is that we no longer want to spend any time entering financial transactions. We want to analyze them. More specifically we want to analyze the output that we can get, after we compile the data.

In short we want to spend time looking at financial reports, and developing the analytical data. This is where we can add incredible value for our clients. We can help them decide what is working, and what isn’t. We can help our clients make important decisions about investing in resources (human or otherwise). We can develop data that indicates where the company is more or less efficient about it’s operations.

This is the kind of information our clients have desperately wanted from us. They don’t care that the bank account is reconciled every month. They want to know what you can tell them about the financial position of the company, now that the accounts are reconciled. Clients want to know that the information is accurate and reliable. That, among other things are what reconciliations help ensure.

Course 5 is going to take a deep dive into the analytics, and valuation of our clients’ businesses. I hope you’ll join me.

Are you ready to become a Firm of the Future

in the truest sense of the words?

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