Empire Avenue is the social stock market. The idea is to invest in people and encourage them to want to invest in you. Just like real stocks the more people who buy shares in you the higher your price goes. Empire Avenue also encourages activity on all of the other social networks and rewards you for it. There are a certain amount of points or “EAvs” you can get every day for blogging as well as activity on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and others. Based on all of these factors your dividends per share (what you pay out to your shareholders) are calculated based on your daily activity on all of the social networks you have linked to your Empire Avenue account. I like this aspect of Empire Avenue very much and I think it is because they encourage activity on other social networks that I have begun to connect with shareholders on all of the networks. Many of my newest Facebook friends are people whom I have met on Empire Avenue and also on Chris Voss Facebook Group called “EAv Winners – Empire Avenue Strategy and (e)ChrisVoss Stockholders #CVWin”. Here I have connected with people who then connected with me on Empire Avenue and from there on every other social network. Many of them have then gone on to look at and subscribe to my YouTube Channel .

Empire Avenue is “Social”. This means it is about connecting with people and they have come up with a really fun way to do it. The fact that they encourage and even reward you for your activity on other networks to me is even further proof that they are really about “connecting” and not competing. Of course none of the other social networks are anything like this. Seemingly they would all prefer you spend all of your time with them and none with the others.

Tomorrow I have a video coming out on how I am using Evernote to keep organized and keep track of my contacts on Empire Avenue, particularly those whom I actually communicate with. So Join me today on Empire Avenue! My ticker is (e)Nerd or visit my profile here: http://www.empireavenue.com/nerd. When you set up your account you will be given some EAvs to start. Invest in 10 or 50 or 100 shares of me, but make sure you save some to invest in some others. Then make sure you get in touch with me by leaving a Shout Out (you will be prompted to do this right after you buy). If you do I will add you to my Empire Ave Moguls list on Twitter which could get you inclusion on my Daily Paper Called “Empire Avenue Moguls”.

Tomorrow I will be posting a blog and YouTube video showing you how I use Evernote to keep track of people on Empire Ave so be sure and check back or make sure you are subscribed to my blog here.

Please post your comments below – be sure and include your Empire Ave link and I will be sure and invest in you as well as add you to my EAv Twitter list!