Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up!
Here’s your cup of spiritual coffee for today!
There have been so many times I’ve wanted to give up. Go find a job. It’s too much. I’m tired of the BS. I’m tired of dealing with clients who have unrealistic expectations. I’m tired of dealing with the drama, the loss of sleep from worrying about whether or not I can cover payroll!
I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired!
So let’s look at the alternative.
A boss with unrealistic expectations? Loss of sleep over the things your boss said, when (s)he berated you for making a simple mistake, when all you really need, is some constructive direction (notice I didn’t say criticism)? The fear that goes with having only a single stream of income, and what happens if you dare express an opinion that differs from your boss?

No thank you!

Don’t give up. I have almost quit so many times over the years. What has helped me persevere was one simple thing, that I learned in my recovery.
“Don’t quit before the miracle happens”

Here’s my version:

“Don’t quit before the miracles happen.”
Do you see the difference? I’ve experienced LOTS of miracles in my life – especially since I got sober. Getting sober being a big one!
Last week I experienced a miracle.
I learned something.
I applied it. It worked.
In one day I brought in over $2,000 in new business. That is. One day after years of preparation and development, right?
The point is that now the floodgates are open, and I have new and exciting ideas. Ideas I could never put to use if I were employed.
Don’t give up!

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