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I have a client who would like a daily cash flow report. Any apps/systems out that that you all are loving?

Do you all include 1099 processing as part of your monthly package, or do you bill extra for it? And if extra, how much?

Content creators: have you written an EBook, technical guide and/or self-published on Kindle? I would like to create a short technical guide this spring 2019 & would appreciate your input on recommended steps & resources. TIA!!

Downloaded a csv from Amex and the date format was “01/05/2018 Mon” – I could not find a way to change the format to exclude the day of the week for import into QBO, nothing worked. I also tried to change to text, and ended up searching and replacing to get rid of Mon, Tue, Wed etc. I imagine there is a way I could have done this more efficiently and would love to hear what Seth David does to fix this.

This really takes the cake. Just got an email from a client saying he will accept my price increase, but is asking me to “promise there will be no more price hikes in the next 5 years”

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