How to Create Meaningful Patron Reports with Patreon

A while back I created a post called, “HOW TO ORGANIZE AND MANAGE YOUR PATRONS IN MICROSOFT EXCEL” That was the first step in getting the csv download that Patreon offers with all of your Patron information, and organizing it into a “flat file” format. Now that you have your download in that format, here’s how you can create meaningful Patron reports with Patreon.

I realize that many of us are all about “the art” first, and I respect that.

By the time I was 17, my parents had me in therapy. They were hoping to find out why I wasn’t the straight A student, that I had the potential to be. No one, not even the therapist himself, as I recall ever asked me if I was simply not interested in academics. I wasn’t. I hated doing homework. I hated struggling to figure something out. I would procrastinate, and blow off doing the work, and often showed up at school, simply not having completed assignments.

One thing that first therapist said to me, stood out, very loud and clear. I was too young to be able to appreciate what this really meant at the time.

If you can make a living doing what you absolutely love to do, then you’ve got the world in the palm of your hands.

Palm Hand

The idea that just because someone is earning a good living with their “art” is a sellout makes no sense.

Why not look at what you’re doing on Patreon as a real, legitimate, and valid business? It is just that, after all.

The video for this write up will show you how to take what I showed you how to set up in How to Organize and Manage Patrons in Microsoft Excel, and start getting meaningful reports.

This will enable you to see what is working, and what isn’t. Maybe you have too many tiers? You can eliminate the ones that no one is signing up for, or think of ways to add more value.

This isn’t just about making more money, it’s about finding the best places to create the most value for your Patrons.

Watch the video, and post your comments and questions below!

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    1. Hi Sara!

      For now, while it’s simple enough, I start over, but I will probably start appending soon. With this kind of thing, it’s tricky, because each month’s report stands on it’s own, so I have to run each month, then add a column with the date, then append month by month. It’s easy to do, but just a few more steps.

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