If you have a big fat pile of money in the bank, then you may not need this course!

For everyone else…

If you don’t see a video play icon in the image above, then you are looking at the preview page. Click the image to view the video.

Click any of the other lessons, and you can access the templates.

Special thanks to Mariette F. Martinez, EA for her incredible input, and help in creating this template.

Special thanks to Christopher G. Ragain for his invaluable input in these lessons, and of course for an amazing product, Tax Planner Pro.

Tax planning, as well as tax and income projections (which are needed to do the tax projections) is an area where many businesses miss the boat.

It’s important to do this well enough in advance, so you have time to act on the information. If you find you want to pay a big payroll, to get your taxes paid in, you’ll need to have at least enough cash to cover the taxes. You can always zero out the net pay. If you wait until November, and then you don’t have enough cash, to do what you need to, then the information was great, but it didn’t come soon enough.

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