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Chris Ragain – Tax Planner Pro

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On Friday May 20, 2016 we talked with Chris Ragain, founder of Tax Planner Pro.

Tax planning is an essential part of the business process. How many times have you, as the small business owner wondered, why your accountant hadn’t advised you to set aside more money for your taxes? As the accountant, or bookkeeper, how many times have your clients been surprised, when they get their tax bill, especially because they don’t have the money to pay the taxes?

The trick is to plan, and as we discussed in this week’s ZIBWAM, much of that rests with the bookkeeper, to handle.

Tax Planner Pro will make this process easier. In the end, my business owner clients, want to know one simple thing. How much money to set aside for taxes? We can give this to them monthly, and then review it quarterly, to make sure we’re still on track. Tax Planner Pro will help with the actual, and projected amounts, so that there are no more surprises at yearend.

Watch the video, and see the demo of how this works.

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