What is a MARQ™ Score?

Moody’s Analytics Risk Quality score or MARQ™ Score is a credit score that you can understand! Here’s why…

Today I spoke with Mike Milan about what the MARQ™ score is, and why it is important for businesses to understand.

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Finagraph has partnered with Moody’s to bring credit scores to the small business.

The idea is to bring high efficiency lending to the market.

If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you know what a pain in the @$$ it is! Your business MARQ score will help expedite this faster.

With the introduction of alternative lending through companies like Fundera, On Deck, and Fundbox, banks have to find a way to compete.

Small businesses need loans to the tune of a Trillion dollars, but they can’t get it because it takes too long, or it’s just too difficult.

Moody’s already works with almost 1,000 banks across the country. Adoption has been easy, because for the banks it’s just an add-on.

This process goes right from the borrower, into RiskCalc, so it dramatically cuts down on the time it takes for the bank to evaluate someone’s ability to pay a loan back.

This MARQ score leverages the Finagraph platform to get your business financials, and produce your score in minutes. Instead of 350 – 850, the MARQ score is based on 1-100.

As Mike puts it in this interview, “…something we can understand!”

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