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Below are the old blog posts from our very first blog.

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4 Applications – Nerd’s Guide To Going Paperless

Going paperless not only saves trees, but it also makes for a very convenient digital environment. It will always be 10 x (or more) faster to find things that are stored digitally compared with the time it takes to find something in a shoebox or even a paper file, not to mention that pile of papers sitting to your right on your desk that you are scared to go through and find out what you overlooked 🙂

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E-mail, Gmail, iMail, Umail, YourMail, MyMail how do you get yours? Apple Mail?

I remember how excited I used to get when I heard that obnoxious dial up sound and it would start connecting as the 3 icons went across the screen. Like many I eventually grew to loathe AOL and recently I saw an actual newscast about a guy who got such a hard time from a customer service rep there while he was trying to cancel his service. This was funny and at the same time it reminds me of why I am SO glad I don’t use AOL anymore:

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Do You Use Google Docs?

It definitely does not replace MS Office apps as the function is somewhat limited, but it is fun to create things in this space and share with people. I have even used it to send files to clients and account managers here at Nerd Enterprises!

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