Accounting Cleanup Jobs Made Easy with Billbeez

This is the time of year when us accountants are being asked to clean up a lot of people’s books. March 15 has passed, and companies have had to go on extension because their books either aren’t ready, or they don’t exist at all. Accounting cleanup jobs are great for us accountants because we make good money on the cleanup work and then it usually turns into an ongoing customer engagement. And we love customers!

To execute a cleanup job we have to gather data. We start with the bank feeds, downloading, coding, and reconciling the banking activity. Much of what we reconcile is clear based on the payee. A restaurant will go to meals, and Staples will most likely go to Office Supplies, although we can’t be sure of that.

More and more we are running into things like Amazon, where we really need to see what was bought. In a case like this it could be anything from office supplies to computer equipment, or even personal (ie distributions). My customers don’t like when I code things there, because it means they aren’t deducting them as an expense, but if you want your books to be bulletproof then we need to follow the rules.

Because of the way things are done today more and more we need a way to be able to access copies of receipts and bills. As a company who provides a concierge like service to our customers, we don’t like to bug our customers for any information unless we absolutely have to. This is a big part of how we live up to our promise that we free our customers up to focus on what they do best.

Once we have everything categorized, we want a quick and easy way to send our customers a list of the uncategorized stuff. Then we want it in a platform that doesn’t require emailing back and forth.

Google Sheets or Smartsheet will work perfectly.

Billbeez makes this process drop dead simple. In a couple of clicks I can have the report in Google Sheets, but here’s the kicker. Unlike an export from QuickBooks Online, this report will include a column with a link to a PDF of the bill. My customers love this, because they don’t have to go hunting for the bills to figure out what it was.

They click the link.

Examine the bill.

Then comment right there in Google Sheets.

Then they can get back to work.

No email to send.

No attachment to attach.

Just close the spreadsheet and message us in Slack to let us know they’ve updated it. And I can set up notifications in Google Sheets so they don’t even need to do that last part.

My goal is to make my customers’ lives easy.

Watch the video (3 min) to see how easy Billbeez makes this process for me.

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