What is a MARQ™ Score?

Moody’s Analytics Risk Quality score or MARQ™ Score is a credit score that you can understand! Here’s why…

Today I spoke with Mike Milan about what the MARQ™ score is, and why it is important for businesses to understand.

Check below for a link to get your free MARQ Score.

Finagraph has partnered with Moody’s to bring credit scores to the small business.

The idea is to bring high efficiency lending to the market.

If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you know what a pain in the @$$ it is! Your business MARQ score will help expedite this faster.

With the introduction of alternative lending through companies like Fundera, On Deck, and Fundbox, banks have to find a way to compete.

Small businesses need loans to the tune of a Trillion dollars, but they can’t get it because it takes too long, or it’s just too difficult.

Moody’s already works with almost 1,000 banks across the country. Adoption has been easy, because for the banks it’s just an add-on.

This process goes right from the borrower, into RiskCalc, so it dramatically cuts down on the time it takes for the bank to evaluate someone’s ability to pay a loan back.

This MARQ score leverages the Finagraph platform to get your business financials, and produce your score in minutes. Instead of 350 – 850, the MARQ score is based on 1-100.

As Mike puts it in this interview, “…something we can understand!”

Watch the interview with Mike

Get your Free MARQ business credit score

Learn even more here (30 Minute Webinar)

We’ll update the link with access to the recording, as soon as it’s available

Weekly Pep Talk With Danetha Doe

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This week we had a special guest – the lovely, Danetha Doe, discussing Marketing, and Branding for accountants and bookkeepers. The best way to get everything out of this is to watch the video, and go through it with her. Also make sure you are signed up for the e-mail list (to your right) and in the next e-mail I send out, there will be a link to download a PDF of her slides.

Here are some highlights. These are notes I jotted down, while we were watching Danetha.

How do you make a client feel when they work with you?

Clients often tell me they feel relieved after the first conversation on the phone with me. This is what tells me I am doing my job well.


Interesting history regarding branding:
Brand is an identifying mark that used to be burned on livestock and criminals.

What will someone think of when they hear your name, or see your logo?

(eg) funny name, serious business
What is your why? Simon Sinek – the TED Talk is great, the book, is even better.
There is no competition.

Deck will be included in the next e-mail. Got notes of your own to add? Post a comment below!

Action items listed on slides – great stuff!

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How to Manage All Forms of Business Communication

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The Weekly Pep Talk with Seth David

How to Manage All Forms

of Business Communication


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to better manage your e-mails.
  2. Learn how to better manage text messages.
  3. Learn how to better manage phone calls and voice mails.

We have e-mails, texts, phone calls and voice mails.

I personally hate texts as a form of of business communication, but I’ve found a way to make it work. More on that later. We’re inundated, no doubt, with all forms of communication. It comes at us, seemingly from all directions.

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How to Organize and Manage Your Patrons in Microsoft Excel

If you’re a content creator, then Patreon is the perfect way to crowd source the people who love what you create. Once you become a Patreon, you will hopefully have Patrons who pledge money to help support your in your efforts to create content. As a Patreon, you want to know how to organize and manage your patrons in Microsoft Excel.

This post is inspired by my new friend, Hania Zdunek, whom I met on Patreon. How cool is that?

It isn’t just about making money. It’s an amazing community of inspired content creators. Hania has an amazing voice, wonderful music, that she’s sharing and, a great sense of humor. Check her out, and pledge something to help support her! She’s fantastic!

When you’re a Patreon, you’re a Patreon all the way, from your first piece of content, to your last content creating day.

Patreon gives you a really cool user interface, from which you can see your patrons, broken down by level. Well if you’re a data junkie like me, then you immediately look for that, “download” option, and Patreon provides that. This is where you can start to organize and manage your patrons.

Once you have your download formatted in what is called a flat file, it will become very easy to manage the information, and look at it in ways that will provide you with powerful insights. You can see how many people are in at each tier, when they signed up, and how much income you’re bringing in. The key to what you can do in excel, is that you can pivot around the information in many ways to get really useful information.

Once you organize and manage your patrons in Microsoft Excel, you can see which tiers are really working, and which ones aren’t. This will help you optimize your campaign to make sure that you are delivering the content that your audience really wants.

Here’s the thing. Patreon’s csv download comes in formatted much like it looks on screen. Hopefully they’ll change it, but in the meantime, here’s how to clean it up in just minutes.

Oh! You were looking for the explanation? That’s what the video is for! Go watch. It’ll be awesome, I promise!