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I noticed workflowy on one of my client’s screens.

He was using Workflowy to keep track of the questions he wanted to ask me in our remote session. This is a GREAT idea, by the way, and there is a mobile app for this. I am going to start recommending this to everyone who has sessions with me.

You can use it quite a bit on the free version, and the paid version is only $49/year, which seems very reasonable.

I love apps like this, because on the surface it looks real simple, but underneath the hood, it’s a robust and really well organized app.

You start off at a high level, as they suggested in the e-mail I received today, which was BRILLIANT! Instead of the usual, “hey have you logged in and gotten started yet?” follow up, I got a really short e-mail with some bullet points that jumped out at me:

The Subject:It’s 6 AM. Do you know where your brain is?

Then this is all I saw in the middle of the rest of the e-mail:

  1. Go to
  2. Create top-level items called ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’.
  3. Click the bullet point next to ‘Personal’ to zoom in.
    • Create a ‘Chores’ item. List under it everything you need to do in the next week.
    • Create a ‘Goals’ item. List under it everything you want to get done in the next month and year.
  4. Zoom out and start on the ‘Work’ section.

This should be enough to get you started. WorkFlowy

I NEVER would have clicked into an e-mail generically reminding me that I’d signed up, but as soon as I saw the “tip” I was intrigued. It probably helped that I was just about to start outlining my day, so why not do it with my Shiny new toy?

Enjoy the super short video I produced (above) and check the tabs in our course directory for more “App Tips of the Day” content, and pretty much everything else you need to care about here 🙂

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