Evernote Moleskine Notebooks What They Don’t Tell You

Note taking has been around since of course long before they were computers. And there is definitely a difference in the process when you’re taking notes by hand.

That probably surprises you coming from me.

Recently I have in fact rediscovered the difference and even the importance of that difference between taking notes by hand versus writing them in some digital format. The Evernote Moleskine notebook combines the best of both of these worlds.

The Evernote Moleskine notebook intrigued me when I first started to understand what they were and what they did.

It’s the perfect combination. I can take most of my notes with Evernote, but when I feel inclined to take them by hand.

Not to worry, nothing will be lost. I can take notes by hand using the Evernote Moleskine notebooks.  Then I take my photo note with Evernote to preserve that note permanently.

The idea is great and the notebook seems ideal but I did run into some problems when I got my first Evernote Moleskine notebook.

I immediately wrote down a test note in my brand new Evernote Moleskine notebook.

I applied one sticker, checked off the check box for the reminder, and also wrote something in the private notes section. I wanted to test every aspect of this notebook and how it works with the Evernote app.

Everything I tried seem to fail.

Nothing seemed to be able to get the Evernote app to recognize that this was a note coming from an Evernote Moleskine notebook.

The reminders didn’t work.

The private part of the note didn’t work.

The sticker didn’t even work at first.

How to get the stickers in the Evernote Moleskine notebooks to work.

After trying everything else that I could think of, I tried one more thing.

I tried saving the photo note in each of the available formats.

This is where I found the solution at least insofar as how it works with the sticker.

The format of the photo that you save has to be a “color document.”

Any other photo format that you save will not work. At least not on the Android.

Then I commenced to find out why the reminder and the private sections weren’t working.

Moleskine support told me I needed to talk to Evernote.

Evernote support didn’t seem to be reading my comments as I initially got back the generic instructions for how the notebooks work with Evernote. The same lack of documentation and explanation frustrated me.

After going back and forth several times, I even sent a short video.

I finally got somebody who was able to pay attention and give me the proper answer.

The reminders feature and the private section of the note do not work with Androids only with iOS.

So if you’re an app on iOS user you’re in luck you have access to all the features that the Evernote Moleskine notebook offers.

If you’re an Android User like me the only thing you get to use are the stickers. These stickers are pretty and fun but for $25 I could get four notebooks at the local supermarket and essentially accomplish the same thing.

So here’s the rub

To be honest it doesn’t save me a whole lot of time to be able to use the stickers to tell Evernote which notebook and tags to use. I can do that myself very easily in the app, immediately after I’ve taken my photo note.

So there you have it my review of the Moleskine Evernote notebook.

It’s cool.

I like it.

I’m sending some out as gifts to some people this year, but in retrospect if I knew how it didn’t work originally, I probably would have found another gift to give.

Still the idea of it is very cool and the notebooks are pretty nice so I’m not totally upset that I got this and I think the people I’m sending them is too will really appreciate it – especially that it came from me.

Prepare for Your Presentation Like a Pro

Prepare for Your Presentation Like a Pro
Click to access the Lesson Plan – Prepare for Your Presentation Like a Pro

The lesson plan has everything I went over, and some things I didn’t have time for.

Everything I discussed is linked – each app, and each resource.

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How to Use Evernote Web Clipper to Save Articles

I saw this question asked recently in one of the Facebook groups. I often browse the web in the morning, looking for interesting articles, both for me, and because I like to share. If I find I don’t have the time to read them all, then I want to clip them so I can read them later. Evernote web clipper makes this really easy to do. With over 10,000 notes in Evernote, I need to take 2 more quick steps to ensure I can find it when I have the time to read those thing’s that I’ve marked for “Read Later.”

I know what you’re thinking! That time never comes. For me it actually does.

As part of my goals, and to ensure that I do spent time on the important goals of learning, and educating myself, I have set aside general time in my calendar for reading. It’s called (oddly enough) “reading time.”

When I sit down to read material, I simply go into Evernote, and access the queue of things I’ve tagged, “Read Later.” Sometimes I know exactly what I want to read, other times I start browsing the Read Later tag queue, to see what intrigues me. I can spend an hour reading these articles, and then I can spend another hour studying my current book. Two hours per day of reading time. It helps me relax (spiritual) and it helps me keep learning (mind).

I love hearing from you, so post your questions and comments below!

Evernote Tip Bookmarking Todays Articles

There are many ways that you can bookmark things on the internet, outside of your browser’s own bookmarking system. I’ve found that I don’t necessarily want to clutter up my browser bookmarks with links to articles and other things I want to read. So here’s an Evernote tip on bookmarking today’s article.

The short answer is, create a note. Name it, “Today’s Articles.” Then drag the icon next to the URL in your browser over to the note. Evernote will render a link with the title of the article in your note.

Then tag the note, “read later” and “today,” and you can even set a reminder for the exact day and time, when you would like to read it.

Watch the video. It’s short, sweet, and simple.

How to Organize My Tasks in Evernote

Everyday we all wake up and we want that virtual assistant like the ones you see in the movies to wake up with us, and keep us on point. We want that dashboard with the reminders of exactly what we need to be doing, every hour of the day. Many of us need and want that kind of structure. It helps us stay focused. I’ve found a way to how to organize my tasks in Evernote, which has helped me tremendously.

The trick in how to organize my tasks in Evernote, or any app is finding the features you need, to create the digital ecosystem that works for you. The reason I love Evernote so much for this, is that Evernote has the many robust features that allow me to create the system that works perfectly for me.

It’s easy to keep to do lists, and there are many applications for that. What can be difficult is getting the app to make it easy for me to see in a glance, what needs to be done today. When I want to organize my tasks in Evernote, I need to be able to see this from every angle. Many apps, for example, only let me see what needs to be done for a specific project. Then I have to go project, by project to see what is on my agenda for today. Evernote let’s me see anything and everything with any filters I need, so that I can see things 360 degrees around.

Evernote does not work for me on collaboration. organize my tasks in Evernote, but I don’t like having shared notebooks, because then their tags get co-mingled with mine, and I can’t reorganize or even hide them. I also don’t like the conflicts that can happen when you are sharing in Evernote. So I use evernote to track and manage the things that only concern me, or my part. I might have something in evernote, that reminds me to do something for a client, where I am collaborating with a bookkeeper on that client. Then I know that the rest of the information I need, especially for collaboration purposes, will be found in another app. The one I use when I need to collaborate with a client.