100 Clicks Per Day

I recently signed up for ClickFunnels and one of the things I love right off the bat is how Russel Brunson, the CEO welcomes you to their Facebook community. In his welcome video he stresses over and over how important it is to GIVE. To help others.

Get the template from the video right here (choose File, then Make a Copy or Download As):

100 Clicks Per Day

Everyone says it, very few actually do it. Most are takers who disguise themselves as givers because they know that’s what your supposed to say and do.

To truly be of service means you have to give selflessly. That means you expect nothing in return.

When I joined the group I posted a couple of questions, because I’ve learned to ask for help, especially when you’re new to something. Right away people commented and PM’d be to offer help.

Now I know I’m in the right place. This is a community of marketers who truly want to help one another.

As a way of saying thank you, I wanted to give something back.

When you sign up for ClickFunnels, you get an opportunity to pay $47 for a webinar called, “9 Secret Funnels.” Just get it. And then set aside the time to go through it.

I am about an hour in, and I’ve made notes. At about the 53 minute mark, Russell finishes giving us the basic layout of a business model. The image looks like this:

You’ll have to sign up for ClickFunnels and get the webinar for the full explanation.

Meanwhile seeing this, and being a linear minded guy, I thought I would create a Google Sheets version, and offer a copy to members of the ClickFunnels community.

Watch my short video, and when I post this in the ClickFunnels Facebook group I will share the link there and there alone.