How Can I Make $20,000 this Week

This morning I woke up with a BIG QUESTION in my mind. How can I make $20,000 this week?

It seems like a lot. It should seem like a lot to most people. In fact to most people, it might even seem unattainable. At first I thought it might be, but then I started breaking it down. How CAN I make $20,000 this week?

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Look at your products and services. How much do you charge? Assuming you focus on a single product or service, it’s a simple formula. Where X is the number you have to sell to bring in $20,000 in new business this week,

$20,000 ➗ [Unit Price] = X

It’s simple math, I know, but I am realizing that many of us don’t think this way. When you look at it like this, you might start to realize that $20,000 in a week isn’t so far out of reach. Maybe you need to adjust it to $10,000? Maybe you can even push it to $30,000?

Always set the bar a little higher than what feels comfortable. It should make you a little uncomfortable. Then it should get you excited when you start to realize that you CAN do this.

Now you have a goal. A target. Sell 10 units of a product at $2,000 each, and you reach your goal. Put this goal in front of you somewhere. Make it conspicuous. It should be staring you in the face all day, so you can’t forget about it. Then when you find yourself screwing around on Facebook, instead of being productive, you will be reminded that this isn’t getting you any closer to your goal. Unless you’re on Facebook learning, or prospecting for the specific purpose of achieving your goal.

Track your progress. Get on the phone can call people who called you recently, and haven’t yet become clients. See if you can help them with anything – often times that one extra phone call will push them over the edge, and get them to sign up for your services.

Send an extra response to e-mail inquiries, or web form inquiries, and follow up. Let them know that you are really interested in helping them. That extra follow up will show them that you are thorough, and inspire confidence that this is the kind of follow through they can expect one they’re working with you.

With your goal in front of you, staring you in the face, you are sort of forced to stay focused, and productive. If you do this, even if you don’t reach the goal, you are practically guaranteed to get more new business, than you have been lately.

When the new clients start flowing in, it’s up to you to make sure you deliver a remarkable service, so they start sending you referrals!