How to use Google Keep to Pass a Link Lightening Fast

Oftentimes I’ll be working on a web page, or a Smartsheet project, and I want to quickly pass a link from my desktop to my mobile so I can see what it looks like there.

Google Keep is perfect for this!

You can copy the link from your desktop to Google keep there, and in a second, you can bring that up in your Google Keep mobile app.

As you can see from the gif image, this takes about 20 seconds.


How to Use Google Keep to Keep Track of the Simple Stuff

Google Keep has been around for a while, and I’ve looked at it a number of times. Lately I’ve been looking at Google Keep some more. I am finding it really useful to use Google Keep to keep track of the simple stuff.

Google Keep does not allow you to use fancy formatting. It is, like I said, useful for keeping track of the simple stuff. There are different forms of notes, that you can use, like checklists, images, or a simple note. The mobile app works seamlessly with the browser app, and the location based reminders are pretty amazing.

The thing I seem to have cracked the code on, recently is in how to use the color coding. I would LOVE to be able to assign labels to the colors, but you can’t. This left we with the pain of figuring out where and how to define what they mean. I can’t rely on memory, but I wanted to figure this out. I knew that it would help to use Google Keep to keep track of the simple stuff.

Here’s what I came up with on the color coding. I created a label called “_Color Coding.” The underscore makes sure that this label appears at the top of the navigation. Then I created a note with each color and labeled them. This is actually a really cool way to organize my notes. Now I have anther great way to use Google Keep to keep track of the simple stuff.

People often ask me how I keep so organized, and how I can get so much done. You’re seeing an example of how I use just one tool to further that objective. It’s all about organizing, categorizing, and easily referencing information.

I recently published a post on the Intuit Accountants Blog called, “21 Proven Time Management Tips for Busy Accountants” In this post I mention Google Keep as one of the tools I use. Now you know precisely how I use Google Keep to keep track of the simple stuff.